Kaliningrad News. Presidential elections were held in Russia. How did residents of the Kaliningrad region vote?


A technology of garbage recycling with the help of earthworms and other projects were presented by students at the regional stage of the Startup Tour. Kaliningrad Reconstructors are going to Rome. How do they prepare for the international tournament «Battle of Nations»? All these and more at our program.



Presidential elections were held in Russia. The winner of this race was the incumbent head of state Vladimir Putin. Voting took place in all corners of Russia including Kaliningrad region. According to the Regional Election Commission over 62% of voters came to the polling stations. These figures show that the residents of the region became more active in elections. In the election of 2012 59% came to the polls. At the same time the number of young voters of 18 and 35 age range has increased: they accounted for more than a third of the total number of voters. Election Commission has dealt with 24 appeals from citizens and public observers.

Inessa Vinyarskaya, chairwoman of Regional  Election Commission:

— By the time of signing the final ballot protocol we have received no complaints whatsoever which could prevent us to recognize the accuracy of election results, which we with colleagues confirmed yesterday. Results of presidential elections on the territory of Kaliningrad region are set.



Madam Olga Slov the General Consul of the State of Israel in St. Petersburg came to Kaliningrad on a working visit. During the meeting with the Regional governor Mr. Anton Alikhanov the consul discussed the accumulated problems in the field of economic cooperation. According to the North-Western Customs Administration of Russia the trade turnover between the Region and Israel has decreased by almost a quarter over the past year and amounted to less than $ 7 million. In 2018 the parties intend to return the volumes of trade of the previous level.

Olga Slov, General Consul of the State of Israel in St. Petersburg:

— We just have to work harder, it’s obvious. I think that with joint efforts we can raise the volumes of trade to the previous level and even higher. It’s my first visit to the regions. Our consulate covers the entire North-Western part of Russia, and I think it is very important that the first visit was made to Kaliningrad.

In the course of the discussion the representatives of the delegations spoke about cooperation in the fields of agriculture, cinematography, industry sector and medicine. Regional government is planning to send a delegation of entrepreneurs to Israel for discussing future joint projects.

Anton Alikhanov, Kaliningrad Governor:

— Our objective now is to advertise our potentials, to learn more about achievements of Russian companies that work in Israel. And those accomplishments that we have made due to our cooperation in Medicine we will increase.



A program for automatic analysis of X-ray images and a technology for garbage recycling with the help of earthworms were presented in Kaliningrad. These and many other projects were proposed at the regional stage of the Startup Tour. Vitalia Skidan, a designer of the garbage recycling technology, presents a multi-level construction which has several hermetically sealed bio containers for garbage at a depth of several meters.

Vitalia Skidan, participant of Kaliningrad stage of Startup Tour:

— This part will be underground, earthworms or Californian ones, depending on which ones will get adapted to our conditions, will be loaded here. This is a bench; people sit on it and relax. But at the same time it can be used as a garbage recycling facility. Because underneath there will be compost to be used as a fertilizer.

More than 800 people took part in the conference. Experts of Skolkovo Fund, top level businessmen and representatives of federal authorities have conducted master classes, as well as are to assess every presented project.

Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation:

— Today more than five hundred people take part in different events of the forum. This is a good result, comparable to other leading regions. And, as far as I know, the Region does a lot to support this Startup Tour Project. Including, granting it the privileges provided for the Kaliningrad region.

The regional government is also planning to support scientific projects.

Anton Alikhanov, Regional Governor:

— We finally had a ministry that is responsible for science … In the past there was none. This is the Ministry of Industrial Trade and Entrepreneurship. Last year we succeeded in obtaining grants for development of innovative products. And this year the ministry is given a task to win some 7-10 such grants.

Winners of the regional stage of the conference will be selected before the end of this week. In addition to valuable prizes, the finalists will receive a ticket to the country’s largest start-up forum, where contestants will compete for a part of the main prize of five million rubles.



The Sports Base of the World Championship in Svetlogorsk is ready almost by 80 percent. It will be used by the national team of Serbia during the World Cup. In place of wasteland in just a year a full training base for football players has grown. It is going to be equipped according to the most stringent FIFA standards.

Sergey Chernomaz, Director of the Regional Department of Capital Construction:

— The size of the field is 105 by 68 — the unified size, which will allow players to adapt themselves to new conditions and prepare as smoothly as possible, to the matches. Main equipment: medical, massage tables, ice makers. Everything was agreed with the representatives of FIFA, everything is done in accordance with the project, state expertise.

On the eve of the World Cup the area of the seaside strip in Svetlogorsk will also be put in order. Work on the construction of a new promenade is going on at a rapid pace: the construction of a footpath almost one and a half kilometers long is almost complete. The next stage of the coast reconstruction is building of buns — transverse dams to restore the width of the beach.

Regional hotels are also preparing for meeting of Championship guests. According to preliminary plans, almost a quarter of the expected World Cup guests will be accommodated at the seaside hotels.



Russia and Lithuania agreed on additional trains to Kaliningrad Region for the time of the World Cup. The number of trains will triple. The quantity of transit trains will increase by four times a day, the passenger traffic will go up by almost two and a half thousand people. At present 1-2 trains run daily through Lithuania to Kaliningrad. For your information: during the World Cup fans will be able to travel on railway transport to host cities for free.



Tickets for the first match at the new stadium «Kaliningrad Arena» went on sale. At the arena, which was built for the World Cup, local Baltika will host Samara’s Krylia Sovetov on April the 11th. It’s gonna be the first test match at the stadium, where in three months World Cup matches will take place. Let me remind you that the original check of the football arena was scheduled for March the 22nd. The game was planned between Baltika and the German club Schalke 04, but because of the cold weather it was postponed.



A new tourist route will appear in Kaliningrad by 2024. It will unite forty places of interests in the historical part of the city. Within the framework of the program it is planned to build three pedestrian bridges across Pregol River and carry out improvement works on Kant Island: to install illumination, to repair the descents to the water and walking paths. In 2024 we’ll also celebrate world renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant’s 300th birth day. With this regard experts propose to reconstruct the building of Prussian University Albertina and use it as a library for existing Baltic Federal University.



Reconstructors from Kaliningrad club Western Tower will represent our region at the World Military Historical Festival. Already in May the fighters will go to win a victory in Rome, where the large-scale tournament Battle of Nations will be held.

Artyom Savanovich, reconstructor from Western Tower Club:

— It’ll be cool in there … This year more than 40 countries will participate … Such as America, Japan, China. Each match will be responsible. We will try to do our best. Well, and we also plan to return the debt to the national team of Ukraine: the thing is last year we lost one game to them. Therefore the plans are big, we will work …

Now brutal looking knights are preparing intensively for the tournament. In training steel outfit is rarely used. Warriors fight in special quilted jackets. Instead of cold steel — soft training swords.

Pyotr Listopad, reconstructor from Western Tower Club:

— There is a romance in this. For someone it is a knight romance, for others – a romance of Russian epic tales. Maybe it’s banal, but in my childhood I was very fond of historical books. I did sports. When there was an opportunity to combine history and sport — an unusual atmosphere came out.

Today medieval battles attract also girls.

Nadezhda Azhmukhamedova, reconstructor from Western Tower Club:

— When you are with your contestant he can strike you on the head, and any other part of the body, it hurts, when you fall — you it’s really unpleasant. But in fact, when you get in it deeply it’s exciting, it’s adrenaline … You try to show yourself — what you are capable of.

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